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Willem Barentsz Gin

Willem Barentsz Gin

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70cl, 43% Abv

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An intrepid arctic explorer, history remembers Captain Willem Barentsz for challenging the unknown in seeking a passage through the Arctic during the Dutch Golden Age. Drawing from historical origins of gin production, Willem Barentsz harnesses authentic techniques combined with contemporary flavour infusions to create a new premium gin that invites you to explore & discover. Delicately crafted in small batches in London, Willem Barentsz creates a rare split-base gin from a combination of carefully sourced wheat and rye grains. Infused with a delicate balance of botanicals and an unexpected twist of exotic Jasmine flowers. • The spirit is rectified in a pot still, and the botanicals are left overnight in the still to macerate. • Finally, the rectified (neutral) spirit is column distilled to produce the gin distillate.

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Distillery Willem Barentsz